Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Individuality (Edited 10/3/12)

We are all individuals. Our life experiences and education influence what we are drawn to and the decisions we make. No two individuals will make the same exact choices on everything their whole life. Sometimes you will agree with others on any given topic, sometimes you will disagree. There is nothing wrong with someone being a NY Jets fan even though you're a NY Giants fan. They are drawn to the Jets for their own reasons just like you are drawn to the Giants for your own reasons. Individuality is a good thing.

Siblings witnessing their parents divorce will see marriage differently as adults. One sibling might take from it that marriage means divorce so they won't get married. The other may look deeper into what caused the divorce and seek to not duplicate that mistake but still wants to get married.

I have my own views on things and people but I don't think it's right to judge someone on anything but their personality. There was an article in HP that talked about how pretty celebrities are often criticized unfairly. In it, it talks about negative comments made about Sarah Palin and her appearance. I don't agree with her politics and I don't know if she would still be pretty without makeup, hair dye, anti-aging products and anything else we don't know about but I also don't know what she's like as a person so I don't know if she needs to be "brought down a few pegs". Appearance doesn't effect a person's ability to do a job.

Some people are strait some are gay. Some people want at least one kid others don't want any no matter how old they are. Some people are tall some are short. Some people are fat some are thin. Some people value career others value family. Some value travel others value being home. Some people view college as necessary others see it as not worth the cost.

There are many other things that could differentiate people but the point is that none of these people are wrong. There is nothing wrong with loving kids and there is nothing wrong with choosing not to have kids. If the decisions you are making with your life make you happy then you are doing the right thing. Those judging you either know nothing about you as a person, your life experiences, or your education or they don't listen when you tell them your reasons for your choices so they don't know what's best for you as an individual and can't be taken seriously.

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